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A concise and coherent structure of commonsense to hang your ideas on. The core of philosophy without the jargon and ramblings. A unique look at reasoning, evolution, (non)theism, behaviour, motivation and purpose. Ideal for presentations and discussions.

A remarkably different notation with answers so simple (and familiar even) that you may be shocked at the potential impact. These innovations suggest substantial benefits — even beyond just the early learning stages. Easy, compact and precise.

BeatTab Harmonica (4 book series + more)

Choose from hundreds of great pieces from easy favorites of Folk, Love and Children's songs to that of the Blues. Then settle down to play like you never have before. Full tablature along with extensive tips and even rhythm details that do not need those nasty "dots and tails".

Grant   Dukeshire

Writing is the exploration and discovery of ideas. Let's share a few of those.

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 And for encouraging YOU to write:


I write to discover what I know." — Flannery O'Connor

Writers are to keep civilization from destroying itself.” — Albert Camus 


Legacy is more than having children

— most anyone can do that.

REAL legacy is leaving a positive impact

via your children or maybe that . . .

A book can last a long, long time.

Maybe a good reason to write?